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Problems With IRS Debt?

Taxpayers experiencing problems with IRS debt should contact their local tax professionals immediately.  IRS tax issues can develop into serious debt quickly.  Any individuals that have received notices from the IRS about collection or penalties are encouraged to work towards resolution with a CPA or other tax expert.  IRS problems do not disappear by being ignored and specialists are familiar with the tools needed to resolve any debt, fees or collection actions a taxpayer may be facing.

A taxpayer looking for IRS problem help has the important responsibility of honestly disclosing their financial situation to their tax professional.  Providing a tax attorney with all related financial documentation helps to get the process of debt resolution started with the IRS.  From there, the best course of action can be determined.  Some taxpayers will be able to pay their debt in a simple lump sum payment.  This can be difficult, however, and the IRS has several programs that allow for either a longer term repayment schedule or a reduction in the total balance.  These solutions can help with IRS problems by making the debt more manageable.

Installment Agreements are a form of debt settlement that can be a reasonable solution to a problem with IRS tax debt.  These programs involve repayment of debt over a standard period of 60 months.  Most Installment Agreements (IA’s) require full balance repayment.  A significant benefit to taxpayers entering into an IA is that there are options that allow for other financial obligations such as credit card debt or car payments.  In the case of financial hardship, the taxpayer may be able to receive relief from debt payments by being assigned a “Currently-Non-Collectible” status.  This allows individuals whose income is lower than their monthly expenses temporary freedom from their payment obligations.  Taxpayers should be aware that this IRS problem is not completely solved and that the balance still needs to be repaid when their income changes or they are no longer compliant to the IRS.

Individuals seeking IRS help with problems should get in touch with a tax specialist before contacting the IRS.  If you have debt or any other tax issues, tax experts recommend not working with the IRS directly.  A CPA or tax lawyer knows what steps should be taken toward resolving debt, and can provide other services like tax preparation.  If you need help on IRS problems, call your local tax professional today for free consultation.

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